CPLG France on board for Everything's Rosie

V&S pre-school brand expands into another new territory.
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V&S Entertainment has secured a deal with CPLG France to further extend the European presence of its Everything's Rosie brand.

The first series of the pre-school show began airing on France Television's ZouZous Kids last month, under the title La Vie de Rosie.

The French licensing programme is being lined up for launch in spring 2013, with V&S hoping to replicate the success achieved in the UK and Spain to date.

"With its playful storylines and central themes of friendship and fun, La Vie de Rosie has a strong appeal to children and parents in France, and we are confident that our new licensing programme will be a hit with French consumers and retailers alike," said Marina Narishkin, MD of CPLG France.

Vickie Corner, MD of V&S, added: "CPLG's knowledge of the French market is second to none and this partnership will ensure that we are perfectly positioned to get the right product out into the marketplace, in order to meet the growing demand for Everything's Rosie merchandise."


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