CPS scores with Wembley

Rights agency to develop a range of licensed products based around the famous stadium.
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Wembley Stadium has chosen Copyright Promotions Sport as its exclusive licensing partner, meaning it is now responsible for developing the brand through a series of commercial partnerships.

CPS will work with Wembley to develop a range of products that reflect the history, heritage and excitement of Wembley Stadium, one of the most famous names in sport.

Chris Protheroe, MD of CPS, said: "We see Wembley fitting into the retail landscape alongside other iconic British brands, such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities, London Transport and even the National Trust."

Jonathan Gregory, marketing and commercial director of Wembley Stadium, added: "We are delighted to appoint Copyright Promotions Sport as our licensing representatives. We look forward to working closely with them on a long-term strategy to ensure the successful development of Wembley Stadium's licensing programme."


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