DC Comics to reboot key franchises

On August 31st DC will rewind the clock on superhero stories, with redesigned character costumes.
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DC is to reset its classic comic books back to issue number one.

The company will also upload digital comics on the same day the print version is released. It’s an unprecedented move that will see the new versions of Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern and more appear on smartphones and the iPad.

The digital plan aims to introduce the comics to a new generation of fans.

Refreshed character designs could bring new opportunities to the licensing community. The decision is in the spirit of the recent film reboots which have yielded lucrative blockbusters such as The Dark Knight.

The reboot will kick off with issue number one of Justice League at the end of August, with other DC superheroes to follow.

The project will be handled by DC executives Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, who will “offer a contemporary take on the origin of the comic book industry’s premier superhero team.”


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