De Agostini picks up gong for Harry Potter Chess Manual

WBCP singles out best licensees at Milan ceremony; manuals to be reissued to tie in with final film.
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De Agostini Partworks has been honoured by Warner Bros Consumer Products for its Harry Potter Chess Manual series in the annual WBCP Awards in Milan.

During the ceremony, which was held at the Spazio Cinema Apollo in Milan, WBCP singled out the best licensees over the past year, as well as revealing its upcoming licensing news.

De Agostini Partworks was presented with the award for the internation success of its chess course, which launched in various editions in 27 countries and has sold a total of more than 30 million copies.

"This award is an important recognition of our international activities," said Marco Giraudi, global publisher at De Agostini Partworks. "The Harry Potter chess manual is one of the most successful titles that we have ever published."

To mark the release of the final film in the saga, De Agostini will be reissuing the chess manual series with a new graphical design. The restyling will provide the opportunity to incorporate all the best moments from the eight films into each partwork.

"We are very pleased to present this award to De Agostini, as it is a longstanding partner of ours, and one that immediately embraced the Harry Potter project at a global level, achieving huge successes that certainly played a part in making the phenomenon of this young Hogwarts wizard come to life all around the world," added Maurizio Distefano, general manager, Italy and agent markets at WBCP.


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