De Agostini seals Pocoyo book deal

Zinkia signs the publisher for Italy with an initial range set to launch in Septmeber.
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The extensive range will start with a selection of sticker books, flap books, first reading and activity books.

Matteo Faglia, children’s book publisher at De Agostini Libri, said: "We’re very proud that De Agostini is publishing the first Pocoyo books in Italy. The TV series is attracting significant audiences and we’re confident that this success will translate positively to the publishing sector."

Fernando de Miguel, CEO of Zinkia Entertainment, said, "We’re delighted to be partnering with De Agostini and excited that Pocoyo is proving so popular in the Italian market. There’s huge potential for further growth in Italy and we believe, as already proven in Spain, that the brand will become a top seller."

Prior to the book launch, Giochi Preziosi will roll-out the first Pocoyo toy line in Italy, including feature plush, Pocoyo SwiggleTraks and a Pocoyo Bump N Go car.


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