Disney and MAC team for Venomous Villains line

Cosmetics giant creates range of products based around the baddies from major Disney movies.
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Disney Consumer Products and cosmetics giant MAC are currently enjoying success with a specially created Venomous Villains line of beauty products.

MAC has produced four separate colour collections to pay homage to a cast of characters, which it says, "aren't shy about being very, very bad".

These include Cruella De Vil, Snow White's Evil Queen, Maleficent, the snubbed evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty, and Dr Facilier, the voodoo king from Princess and the Frog.

"This collection will appeal to long-standing fans of Disney and MAC, as well as spark an interest for a whole new cadre of consumers who seek a uniquely bold look," said Johanna Mooney, beauty director at Disney Consumer Products. "The collaboration brings together two powerhouse companies in their respective industries and creates the perfect blend of storytelling and artistry."

James Gager, SVP and creative director at MAC, added: "It's great to be sweet and lovely and kind, of course, but it's more interesting to be a little naughty, isn't it? Everybody loves a villain and wants to take a bite of forbidden fruit from time to time.

"Disney has always created iconic ingénues, but their counterparts, the villains, are just as memorable."


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