Disney kicks off new Princess initiative

DCP encouraging children to dance with new promotion, backed by Sinitta.
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The Walt Disney Company has kicked off a new initiative, aimed at getting children and aged six and under to try their hand at dancing.

The specially created Disney Princess Dance is supported by the British Dance Council and former 80s pop star turned TV star, Sinitta.

The BDC has selected a network of dance schools and classes attended by three to six year olds. Each participating establishment will receive a Disney Princess pack, including a step by step guide to performing the dance.

The dance has been created by choreographer and former world champion dancer Lorraine Drolet, with the activity supported by a national media campaign involving Sinitta.

"The Disney Princesses encapsulate so many elements that young girls enjoy including imagination, dress up and role play," said Dominic Worsley, franchise marketing director at DCP. "Dance is also a much loved part of many Disney Princess stories and the partnership with the British Dance Council creates another fun way for the magic of these stories to be brought to life."

Bryan Allen, president of the BDC, added: "We're pleased to be teaming up with Disney to launch the Disney Princess dance - creating new dance steps couldn't be easier with such a magical cast of characters to provide inspiration."


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