E1 Entertainment emerges

Contender rebrands, with Andrew Carley becoming head of licensing.
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Contender Entertainment Group is to be known as E1 Entertainment with immediate effect. This follows a rebranding exercise after it was acquired by Entertainment One last year.

The new-look business is made up of home entertainment, film distribution, TV production and TV distribution divisions, as well as licensing.

Lead by Andrew Carley – who was formerly head of Contender Merchandising – the licensing arm will continue to work on its existing portfolio of properties including Peppa Pig, plus new shows Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom and Humf.

On top of this, Carley and his London-based team will now have the opportunity to look at possibilities for licensing from within the rest of the E1 group where it makes sense.

“The new set up, I think, makes us really unique within the industry,” Carley explained exclusively to Licensing.biz. “Suddenly, we have moved from a fairly low key, small scale operation to a company that has the power of a major group behind it and is truly international. We are really excited about the new possibilities for the licensing arm going forward.”

The company is also planning to have a substantial presence at Licensing International in Las Vegas in June, appearing as E1 Entertainment for the first time.


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