Egmont picks up iCarly

Firm to work with Nickelodeon on special one-off magazine in its All About range.
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Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products has revealed a new deal with children's book and magazine publisher Egmont UK for its tween show iCarly.

Egmont will be producing a special one-off magazine to sit within its All About range, which will launch in July.

The firm has already partnered with NVCP UK to develop a magazine line for Dora the Explorer and a range of annuals featuring Spongebob Squarepants, Wonder Pets, Dora and The Last Airbender.

"We're delighted to build upon our strong relationship with Egmont Magazines with iCarly," said John Vasta, director of consumer products at NVCP UK. "Our existing iCarly publishing ranges have been extremely successful, so we are confident that together with Egmont we can build a long-term magazine partnership for this property."

Debbie Cook, director of magazines at Egmont UK, added: 'iCarly is packed with creative ideas that can be converted into exciting magazine content. This special issue is a fantastic addition to our successful All About range and our partnership with NVCP UK."

Egmont joins existing iCarly publishing partners Simon & Schuster, Alligator Books and Pedigree Books.


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