A classic in its home market of Mexico, Fulanitos' licensing programme is steadily growing in a number of territories. We find out about its plans for expansion.
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Fulanitos has said in the past that its products regularly outsell Disney in certain outlets. The range is available through around 2,000 outlets in the country and has been established for over 15 years.

Fulanitos, if you are not familiar with the brand yet, is a range of characters, designed and created by Gabi Moad. The brand is based just around the characters and has no TV series or films linked to it.

To date, licensing deals have been signed across a wide variety of categories, including plush toys, bags, mobile phone content, watches, stationery and more.

Perhaps a key to the success of the brand, is that the characters appeal to a wide audience. Paola de Villasante, licensing, explains: "Because they each have distinct characters, there is a Fulanito, with which every child can identify.

"They have an enduring appeal to children, especially girls, within a very wide age range - pre-school through to teenagers."

The licensing programme has worked a little differently to traditional brands, and the first licensee was with Telcel in 2004, a Mexican mobile phone company for mobile content.

Many more traditional licensees, like toys, have joined since and perhaps the most successful deal to date was with Chenson, signed in 2006, for a range of bags, pencil cases and lunch boxes. Another notable licence was signed in 2005 with Scribe for stationery. Both firms have presence throughout Mexico and also in Latin American countries.

de Villasante comments: "Our success has been shared because they print high quality in all their products and have excellent distribution channels and there has been great team work on designs, which have been well received by the market.

"Every back to school season, we find further brand success, which makes us feel very happy. Other licensees are also important in their territory with satisfactory results."

In 2010, Fulanitos signed two new licensing deals. The first was with NEN National Entertainment Network in the US for plush toys for vending machines. Secondly, the firm has partnered with Indeca Business in Spain and several European countries for Portable video games accessories.

Over the next 12 months, the firm is hoping to continue to grow. When asked what the strategy is, de Villasante explains: "To keep Fulanitos under the local market top of mind, spread the lovely brand message around the world and satisfy Fulanitos' faithful fans. And consolidate our new licensing deals."

In order to keep the brand fresh, Fulanitos likes to regularly introduce new styles to grow the brand with the fans. And to engage with its fans, the firm has a dedicated website with games, downloadable content, activities and more.


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