Fun Crew opens Spooky Skaters shop

New online store established for growing property.
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Fun Crew's Spooky Skaters brand now has a new online retail presence, after tying up with e-business experts Internova UK at last year's Brand Licensing Europe.

The store - Beastly Boutique - can be accessed via the official Spooky Skaters website (which can be found here) and includes apparel and gift items which can be customised with a range of character and graphic images from the style guide.

"We first met Spooky Skaters at Brand Licensing Europe 2007 and were immediately struck by the strength of the brand," said Rob Lees, MD of Internova. "The characters work really well with customisable merchandise and we're really pleased to be working with Fun Crew to take them to market online."

Fun Crew is continuing to enhance its online presence for all of its properties. It noted a steep spike in hits on the Spooky Skaters website alongside the publication of The Skate Park After Dark, the first book to be published by Scholastic.

A second book is due in early 2009, while users are also being driven to the Spooky Skaters website by regular appearances in Toxic magazine and content on the Egmont website. As well as games, the site also includes a virtual band page, featuring the Spooky Skaters theme, with fans being able to record their own monster mix.

Fun Crew is also working on a video promor to feature on the Spooky Skaters MySpace page.


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When gaging interest in her business idea at a LIMA Spring Fling seminar, Angela Salt was told by one delegate ?Don?t even bother. There are far too many characters out there already.?

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