Fun To Learn Sooty's Alphabet DVD scoops Mum's Love award

“The Mum’s Love award has topped off the hugely positive response we’ve had online to the new DVD."
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Redan Publishing’s Fun To Learn Sooty’s Alphabet DVD has scooped a Babyworld Mum’s Love award.

A Mum’s Love award is given to products that parents simply think are truly great.

The special direct-to-DVD programme, produced by Redan Publishing’s Fun To Learn brand and Tivoli Media and released by Abbey Home Media, is the first time Sooty owner and presenter Richard Cadell has linked the show’s content directly to the pre-school national curriculum.

“I’m constantly amazed at the wide age range The Sooty Show appeals too," said Cadell.

"My partners at Abbey Home Media, Redan Publishing and I all believed that we could make a show directed at the under six age group that would deliver all the Sooty laughter and magic, but also have huge value in terms of educational content.

“The Mum’s Love award has topped off the hugely positive response we’ve had online to the new DVD. We very much hope that the second DVD, Learn Your Numbers, which will be released at the end of April, will have a similar response and that we can continue to grow and develop the early learning side of the brand.”


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