Gaming merchandise community Taymai launches

New gaming portal to be a 'focal point for gamers to shout about games and merchandise.'
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Taymai is designed to encourage gamers to talk about what they love in games and gaming, including development, playing and the licensed merchandise.

The website boasts a shop where customers will soon be able to buy all manner of video game merchandise.

Currently on sale is a plush line based on Hungry Shark - the best selling app from Future Games of London.

The site also offers access to the Taymai forum where gamers can talk about what’s hot and what’s not, as well as a blog and Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

“We are now seeing an evolution of the gaming sector where merchandise goes hand in hand with the playing experience so we wanted to develop an online community that celebrates this,” explained Steve Manley, founder of Battle Ant and Taymai.

“This is exactly what Taymai does – it is a focal point for both gamers and developers alike to shout about games and merchandise and also allows us to provide a route to market for fantastic new products such as the Hungry Shark plush.”


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