GIRLS MONTH: Fashion statements

Find out what 20-something women really think of licensed adult apparel.
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As part of our girls focus in March, we have put together a focus group of seven females in their twenties and asked for their views on the growing offering of women's licensed apparel and accessories on the High Street.

Name: Kate Bradley
Age: 29

"If I like a brand, then I am happy to wear an item of clothing promoting it. Also I think it is fashionable to be seen wearing the latest 'craze'. I wouldn't buy licensed nightwear or underwear though as I see this as an unnecessary expense.

"I think licensing is becoming more popular in adult fashion and the ranges are being marketed at adults with a cheeky and fun fashion sense and fashion these days is far more casual. Also these brand are more available in High Street stores such as Topshop and many young celebrities are seen wearing such garments are therefore it is seen as acceptable and not at all childish.

"I like Barbie, Hello Kitty and Little Miss. I also think if you have children into certain brand, it might be nice to have an item of clothing with that personality on it. I like these brands to be more obvious than the new subtle designs as this is what I'm paying the money for.

"I would consider purchasing the more high-end couture licensed items as a gift, but not for myself."

Name: Abby Fanger
Age: 20

"I have bought licensed clothes in the past, but I think my style has changed in the last couple of years. I like the look of a lot of the clothes, but I wouldn't wear anything too bold. Having said that, I do own a Mickey Mouse hoody.

"I would buy nightwear though. I don't think it's vanity, but I don't mind so much about what I look like when I'm going to sleep.

"I've noticed a lot of clothes in shops have children's brands on now. Maybe it's to bring back childhood memories. I like the classic Mickey Mouse imagery, but I'd wear [Disney] Fairies or Little Miss on my PJs.

"I love the couture range, especially the Disney couture jewellery, I prefer the subtle look they have. The Swarovski Alice in Wonderland collection is beautiful - I'm a sucker for anything Alice at the moment though. I like the fact they're less obvious, but I'm still a child at heart."

Name: Gemma Messina
Age: 23

"I have bought and worn licensed clothing in the past, when I was younger, but I wouldn't buy it now as I feel licensed clothing has quite a young girl look about it. The same goes for the underwear and nightwear ranges. I've had this bought for me in the past, but again, it makes me feel quite young.

"There has definitely been a rise in licensed fashion in menswear as well. A lot of guys are now wearing licensed tops and have super hero pants.

"If I liked the product, I'd be willing to spend more money on couture ranges. I prefer the designs being more subtle, I don't like heavily branded clothing and accessories."

Name: Tuesday Hines
Age: 24

"I think licensed clothes can be tasteful and fun but some can be too childish for adults. I do like the nightwear and underwear ranges because I find them very cute and they make me feel all cuddly and sweet. Superwoman is one of my favourites due to the independence for women that it represents.

"Licensed ranges are becoming more available and I think this is due to the fact that animation films etc are becoming very popular in adult humour and so it seems there has become a market in the clothing industry.

"I would not buy the couture ranges. I find the licensed brands a nice little gimmick but would not go as far as wanting to spend a fortune on them. They are cartoons/Disney characters/Childrens TV characters which are fun and entertaining for the child inside every adult or children themselves, but not for manufacturers to charge ridiculous prices for to get more money out of people.

"I think subtle is a good approach for adult licensed clothing and accessories but for children i don't think it matters how obvious they are."

Name: Katy Grant
Age: 26

"I don't tend to buy clothing with branded logos on. If it was a character from a film or cartoon that I liked or remembered from childhood, then maybe. However, I would buy licensed underwear or nightwear, because it would be under my clothes or in the privacy of my own home.

"I tend to shop at a sweries of High Street shops and online retailers and within this market, I don't see children's brands at all really, or at least I am not looking out for them.

"I would spend higher prices for more couture licensed ranges, but only because I am being advertised to by a brand like ASOS [in the case of Alice in Wonderland range] that I buy a lot of other items from and I'd show more interest because of this. The more subtle the branding on this, the better."

Name: Nicky Trup
Age: 24

"I wouldn't buy licensed clothing because I don't tend to wear tops with large motifs or logos on them anyway - I prefer either plain or patterned clothes.

"I see a lot of Hello Kitty, Little Miss, Snoopy etc in shops like H&M. Perhaps because some people think it's cute, while to a certain section of the market probably sees it as a bit kitsch.

"I would possibly spend a bit more on ranges like Alice in Wonderland, not because it's licensed, but because it looks well made and my sort of style. Plus the inspiration for the range is much more subtle than what I'd usually associate with licensed clothing ranges."

Name: Claire Brocklesby
Age: 23

"I wouldn't buy licensed clothing with kids brands, but I do wear branded DJ t-shirts and jumpers such as HTID, Raverbaby, Slammin' Vinyl. Actually I do have a t-shirt with a Smurf on it my sister bought me, which says smile and is yellow - one of my fave t-shirts. Caught me lying a bit there…

"If someone gave me something with it [licensed brand] on, then yes, but I wouldn't personally buy it.

"I haven't seen a rise in licensed adult clothing, although some ravers may wear Mr Silly t-shirts, or SpongeBob SquarePants, anything bright and silly really."


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