GIRLS MONTH: Zodiak ramps up Little Princess

Live tour planned for 2011/12; UK toy programme due to roll out from Q1 2012.
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The Little Princess brand is set to push its way back in the consumer products sector - both in the UK and overseas - with Zodiak Rights planning a number of initiatives.

In the UK, a live tour is due to run from later this year and into 2012, while the toy programme will roll out from Q1 2012. Categories still available include stationery, wheeled toys, outdoor play and bedding.

Meanwhile, internationally, ITC Brazil - Zodiak Rights' licensing agent in the territory - has recently signed a deal with Cotiplas, which will be developing a range of products including plush, play tents and tricycles.

A new series of 35 11-minute episodes is due, while Zodiak has also refreshed the style guide, with new illustrations, a fresh colour palette and new readymade placement designs to inspire partners to create bepoke product.


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