Granada reveals Britannia High cast

Stars from Skins and Tracey Beaker to feature in ITV?s new musical drama series.
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ITV has taken the wraps off the cast for Britannia High, the new musical drama series it believes will be one of the TV events of the year.

Director of choreography Arlene Phillips and theatre director David Ian devised the original idea for the series and, along with the production team – led by series producer Brian Grant and producer Gareth Philips – have spent the past six months selecting the cast.

Mitch Hewer – best know for his role as Maxxie in C4’s Skins – will be Danny, Britannia High’s all-round talent, while Georgina Hagen – who appeared in the last series of Tracey Beaker in addition to numerous theatre roles – plays Lauren, who comes from a small town and feels lost amongst the huge personalities at the school.

Sapphire Ella – who played Gemma Craig in Dream Team – is Claudine, while Marcquelle Ward will play BB, who considers himself to be the 50 Cent of Britannia High. Matthew James Thomas, who starred in the Stephen Poliakoff drama The Lost Prince, is quick-witted Jez, while Rana Roy will be Lola, with dance moves that will apparently put Beyonce in the shade.

The show will also feature Mark Benton (The Street) as Principal Nugent; Michele Austin (The Last Detective, The Bill) as eccentric landlady Mrs Troy; Lorraine Pilkington (Monarch of the Glen) as music mentor Anna and Chris Jarvis (Mamma Mia, The Bill) as dance mentor Jason.

“We pulled together a top notch team of writers for Britannia High, who are tremendously talented and full of enthusiasm to make this unique show the best drama on television this year,” said producer Gareth Philips.


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