Hit podcast The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous to get its own animated series

Wonkybot Studios will develop a new series based on the number one iTunes podcast as well as manage a merchandise roll out.
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Children’s production studio Wonkybot is to develop a new animated series based on the hit superhero podcast, The Secret Diaries Of Tara Tremendous.

The firm has also detailed its plan to roll out a merchandise programme for the property that continues to storm the iTunes charts.

The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous continues to be successful with over 50,000 downloads a day for its first series and a second season set to debut on August 2nd th9s year.

Consumer enthusiasm for the podcast series has already spurred three Tara Tremendous brand extensions, including a musical album and a middle grade book franchise launching in September.

“The audience’s reaction to the first season of Tara Tremendous was, and continues to be awesome, confirming we made the right decision to launch the character in a podcast in order to build awareness,” said Wonybot CEO, Stewart St John.

“Tara is a little girl with a huge heart and a lot of guts, who is spirited, determined and eventually becomes a hero who is as strong as she is sweet – right now the world needs role models for young kids, and Tara, who has already engaged thousands of fans, is a positive influence.”

Tara Tremendous follows the story of Tara Callahan, an eight year old girl who gains super powers when she is accidentally infused with the abilities of every superhero in the world.

On the television side, Wonkybot is teaming with Kung Fu Monkey Productions to develop the series, while the studio will develop a new website and content while handling merchandise design and creation. 


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