Kids' media consumption on the rise in Australia, reports Cartoon Network study

The New Generations report found that TV ads are the most effective way to engage with children in Australia.
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Kids’ media consumption in Australia is on the rise, with their total spending power increasing to $1.8 billion annually, according to Cartoon Network’s research study.

According to the New Generations report, TV ads are the most effective way to reach children, as the results found 92 per cent of children watched TV last month, with most tuning in to watch cartoons.

The report also found that kids prefer ads that feature comedy and characters, with three times more kids finding ads on TV funny compared to ads on social media, while twice as many children notice ads on TV compared to social media.

“This year, the theme of the study was ‘connecting with kids’ and it was interesting to see that, even as children are creating their own online video content, and despite the popularity of social media, TV ads are still significantly more effective for reaching them,” said David Webb, director of research at Turner Asia Pacific.

“Also, that regardless of the platform, relatable and humorous content generally cuts through and resonates with young audiences – a demographic with considerable purchasing influence.”

Findings also discovered that there has been a 33 per cent increase in kids watching and posting videos online, while Facebook is still the number one platform for kids.

The report also highlighted various concerns for parents in Australia, revealing that 70 per cent of parents are worried about their kids’ capacity to buy property in the future.


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