Lego extends licensing reach

Deals with Kidz Entertainment and US firm Big Apple Worldwide see brand expand outside of toys.
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Lego has struck two more deals to help expand its brand into new territories and outside of its traditional toy area.

US company Big Apple Worldwide has signed a licensing deal with Lego to produce a line of Playable Wallcoverings. A full line of background murals, borders and decals will be developed, allowing children to place and arrange the detachable wallcoverings on any surface they wish.

The products will be available through the firm's No More Books kiosks and other wallcovering outlets in the States from the autumn. The designs will feature selected Lego themes such as City, Sports, Castle and Princess.

"These are the most innovative wallcoverings that have been created for children and the possibilities for their use are endless," said Neal Jablon, CEO and president of Big Apple Worldwide.

Meanwhile, Kidz Entertainment/EEMC has acquired the licensing rights to represent Lego in the Nordic region and throughout Eastern Europe.

"One key area of our growth strategy for Lego licensing is focused on Eastern Europe where the Lego brand and Lego Group's core construction play materials have seen enormous growth over the last two years, and is expected to dominate this category in the region," explained Hilary Plummer, Lego's licensing director for Europe and international markets.

"It therefore makes sense to maximise the consumer's interest in the Lego brand via the development of an extensive licensing programme in the region."

Anna Lisa McBride, Kidz CEO, added: "We are looking at higher-end product categories such as ceramics and other key sectors but we are taking a great deal of care in the people we invite to be our partners in this exciting venture."


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