Licensed toys make strong showing in C4 TV programme

Star Wars, Transformers, Turtles, Teletubbies and Ben 10 all make 100 Greatest Toys listing.
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Last night's 100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross on Channel 4 saw a number of licensed properties make it into the final listing.

Star Wars was the highest licensed brand at number 11, closely followed by Transformers at number 12.

Other toys with strong licensing programmes in the listing included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (34), Pokémon (37), Hot Wheels (39), Barbie (47), My Little Pony (58), Care Bears (60), Thunderbirds (65), Power Rangers (70), Buzz Lightyear (71), Polly Pocket (76), Elmo (84), Doctor Who Cybermen Voice Changer Helmet (87), Beyblades (91), Ben 10 (97), Holly Hobbie (98) and Teletubbies (99).

Interesting fact of the evening came from Ragdoll's Anne Wood, who said that at the height of Teletubbies mania her husband stole her toy and "gave it to Shirley Bassey".

The 100 was topped by Lego, followed by Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, Nintendo Wii and SNES/Super Mario.


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