Little Airplane reveals new non profit venture

New short-form series, The Olive Branch, to debut on June 1st on Nick Jr US.
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Little Airplane has created a series of 26 one-minute short films - called The Olive Branch - all of which are designed to 'make a positive difference in the world', according to the firm.

Produced by the firm's new non-profit Little Light Foundation, the series has been endorsed by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and UNICEF.

The series premieres on June 1st on Nick Jr in the US. The first three episodes will air exclusively for six months on the channel and on a non exclusive basis on over 100 Nickelodeon networks worldwide.

In addition, KidsCo worldwide has signed up and will take all 26 episodes.

Uniquely, Little Airplane is offering the programme to broadcasters for one unit of their own currency per episode, in a bid to ensure it reaches as many children as possible.

"After spending time working in the Middle East, I came to appreciate the enormous value of creating programming that fosters tolerance and mutual respect among children and adults," said Josh Selig, founder and president of Little Airplane Productions. "In order to reach the widest possible audience, we have designed The Olive Branch without words and have thereby eliminated the need for costly dubbing.

"This, combined with a minimal licence fee, should help ensure that even the poorest of nations can benefit from the important messages of this series."


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