Little Critters book series makes big move for licensing arena

Children's author Mercer Mayer believes his book series could be a major player in the children's entertainment and licensing market.
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Children’s author Mercer Mayer has outlined is plans to turn his award-winning book series Little Critter into a leading global entertainment property.

In a new partnership with Little Critter LLC, Mayer will look to develop animated content for multiple platforms as well as a global licensing and merchandising programme.

Successful entertainment producer, creative director, writer and designer John R. Sansevre will spearhead the new venture.

Mayer’s Little Critter book series has been met with critical acclaim in the US where – with over 100 titles in the series – it has sold over 200 million copies.

To support the efforts of the new global licensing push for the brand, Little Critter LLC is employing the help of Stuart Snyder, the former president and COO of Turner Broadcastng System’s Animation, young adults and kids media division.

Snyder will offer guidance in identifying and evaluating business opportunities and provide leadership of the Little Critter brand.

“The unwavering popularity of Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter not only in the US, but also in overseas markets, solidifired for Mercer and myself that it’s time to bring fans new ways to engage with Little Critter,” said Sansevre.

“In our fast-paced modern world, the importance of embracing traditional family values and the simple things in life are important to parents, and are the heart of this classic and beloved IP.

“With tens of millions of pre-schoolers all over the world and the boom of new outlets for children’s programming, Little Critter multiplatform content makes more sense now than ever before.”


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