Speaking Icelandic, Mr Blobby and meeting the Queen - Foster talks through her career...
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Katie Foster

Time spent in licensing industry:
15 years (I started young).

First job in licensing:
Licensing executive for BBC Worldwide, although previously I bought licensed slippers when I was a footwear buyer.

What were your responsibilities?
The UK licensing of Mr Blobby and Wallace and Gromit. Although Mr Blobby always raised a groan from adults, he was a huge financial success and working with Aardman was fantastic - seeing the studios and how the filming was done was just amazing. BBC Worldwide was a brilliant introduction to licensing.

Current job in licensing:
Director of brand and licensing, Europe for LazyTown Entertainment - the only Icelandic TV and licensing company in the world.

What are your responsibilities?
Working with our agents, key partners and finding potential new partners in UK/Europe.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Learning three words of Icelandic. Meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace (courtesy of Bob the Builder).

What is the best licence you have worked on so far in your career?
Probably Bob the Builder, although I have been very lucky and have worked on some wonderful brands including Wallace and Gromit, Fireman Sam and Pingu.

What licence would you most like to have in your portfolio?
Anything involving horses or sport so that I can combine personal and professional passions.

If you could choose your dream job in licensing, what would it be and why?
Working for LazyTown already comes pretty close, as helping kids to be fit and healthy is a great goal to work towards.

What's the best thing about working in the licensing business?
Working with fantastically creative people, never having the same day twice and having fun whilst you work.


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