New Mickey watch collection due from Ingersoll

Arrival of vintage 1930's style line sees firm team up with Disney once again.
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Ingersoll, makers of the original iconic Mickey watch, has reunited with Disney to launch the Mickey Mouse 30’s Collection.

The new range will pay tribute to the 1930s Mickey Mouse watches, in which Mickey famously points his hands to tell the time.

The first watch was launched in 1933 and within two years over 2.5million of them had been sold. It was later reported the watch featuring the Disney Mascot had saved Ingersoll from bankruptcy.

Although the new versions will look like the originals, they will be made with modern technology, using stainless steel and a seventeen jewel mechanical movement. The packaging will be an old-fashioned box using Mickey’s vintage design.

The collection is comprised of two wrist watches, one with a bracelet wrist band (RRP £180) and the other with a leather strap wrist band (RRP £165); and two pocket watches which are available in either a gold retro or silver retro finish (£260). The original 1933 watches (pictured) sell for thousands of dollars on eBay.

The Mickey Mouse 30’s Collection by Ingersoll will be available at retail from July. The trade launch will take place at the Ingersoll booth (Hall 2 A – 80) at the Baselworld exhibition, starting on March 24th.

Marc Low, VP of Fashion and Home for The Walt Disney Company Europe, commented: “Mickey Mouse is an enduring fashion icon who is loved by today’s fashionistas - it’s not uncommon to see him featured on the catwalk or on designer t-shirts worn by celebrities. There’s never been a better time to release these retro cool watches which pay tribute to the classic collection.”


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