Nick UK to enforce new food guidelines

New policy means that only products that meet HFSS criteria will be able to use its licensed characters.
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Nickelodeon UK is to adopt a policy in which the use of its licensed characters on food packaging and in restaurant promotions will be limited to products that meet HFSS criteria, in accordance with the government’s dietary guidelines.

The company will continue to allow its licensed characters to be used on a limited number of occasional treats designed for special occasion/celebration purposes, including birthdays and holidays.

These changes will become effective with all new agreements from January 2009.

Howard Litton, managing director at Nickelodeon UK, said: “This is an important and natural step for Nickelodeon UK.

"We launched our Nicktrition campaign in 2004 to help children learn more about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle, in addition we have been working closely with a Nutritionist for a number of years to help with the formulations of all of our consumer products and have a growing number of healthy food partners including Ella’s Kitchen and Kidsnax.

"Many of our characters are household names and we will continue to work with our marketing partners to look at new ways to promote healthy lifestyles to families.”


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