Now Waybuloo reveals iPhone and iPad plans

Zodiak Kids and Zodiak Active publish first 3D app for property.
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Zodiak Kids and Zodiak Active have teamed with Swipe Entertainment for the launch of a new Waybuloo app for iPhone and iPad.

Fans will be able to immerse themselves in the land of Nara in a series of interactive mini games: in Peeka, the player has to find the hidden Piplings, while the other four titles are based around each of the Piplings.

"We are delighted to be publishing our first iPhone/iPad app for this format, following the launch of our Being Human Facebook game a couple of months back," said Robert Marsh, MD of Zodiak Active.

"Zodiak Active is quickly proving to be a leading force in the development of digital products for some great new shows, and we look forward to more launches in the coming months."

Jennifer Lawlor, SVP, consumer products at Zodiak Rights, added: "Waybuloo has proven that it has true staying power and ongoing appeal. We are delighted that the Waybuloo world is now available for fans and a whole new audience to explore on the iPhone and iPad platforms."


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