Numskull updates Crash Bandicoot merch for N. Sane Trilogy launch on Switch, Xbox One and PC

You can now get a Wumpa Fruit candle to create an immersive, fruity experience whilst playing the game.
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To celebrate everyone’s favourite marsupial spinning his way onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, Numskull Designs has revealed a number of new additions to its official Crash Bandicoot merchandise.

Tying in with the upcoming launch of the N. Sane Trilogy, Numskull’s new offerings include two steel mug designs, a Crash bottle opener magnet, crate coasters, a crate stress ball, and furry and plain snapbacks.

After seeing success with its Resident Evil 4D candle, Numskull’s Crash range is headlined by the Wumpa Fruit candle, which gives off a fruity aroma when lit, making for a unique, immersive experience when playing the game, as well as a quirky collectable.

The new range is available to pre-order now at


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