Panini title bags gong

Spectacular Spider-man wins the Favourite British Colour Comicbook Eagle Award 2008.
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Panini UK's Spectacular Spider-man magazine has won the Favourite British Colour Comicbook Eagle Award 2008.

Based on the adventures of the Marvel superhero, the title contains a brand new comic strip created by some of the best UK-based writers and artists. It is aimed at children aged five to 11 and is released on a three weekly basis. Its ABC for the July to December 2007 period was 45,595.

The magazine's editor, Ed Hammond - who accepted the award from comic writer and artist Jim Starlin - commented: "It was a huge surprise and a great honour to receive this prestigious award. Over the years we have always sought to make Spectacular Spider-man more than just a generic licensed children's title, striving for high quality, visually engaging storytelling that can be enjoyed by Spider-man fans young and old.

"I truly feel with Spectacular Spider-man we have raised the bar for quality in a children's comic book and winning this award has confirmed to me that we are definitely moving in the right direction."

The Eagle Awards are considered to be the comic world's most pre-eminent international prizes and have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles over the last 30 years.

This year saw over 12,000 voters participating. Apart from Britain, US and Canada, ballots were received from ore than 100 countries, including several from Europe, as well as Eygpt, India, Thailand and Vietnam to name a few.


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