Paramount theme park will be a 'game changer' for UK tourism

The park - situated in Kent's Sevenoaks - is expected to bring 50,000 tourists a day and create thousands of jobs if planning is accepted and the project is started in 2018.
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A new Paramount Pictures theme park currently being built in Sevenoaks will be a ‘game changer’ for Kent’s tourist industry.

The park is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the town and attract up to 50,000 tourists a day, according to a claim made by London Paramount boss Fenlon Dunphy.

The chief financial officer for London Resort Company Holdings told local media that the town needed to prepare for a ‘huge tourist influx’ as he expects many visitors will combine their trip to the park with other local attractions.

“This is going to have a hugely significant impact on the economy – we will dovetail into a lot of other attractions in the area. It will be a game changer for much of Kent,” he said.

The Hollywood theme park – which will rival Disneyland – will also create 27,000 new jobs that Dunphy said he would be looking to the sevenoaks district to help fill them.

Work on the project could start as early as 2018 with a projected opening date of 2021.

A planning application for the park is likely to be submitted by the end of 2017.


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