Penguin Children's Books adds video games brand to portfolio

Firm seals partnership with Deep Silver for gaming franchise, Risen.
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Penguin Children's Books has inked a new deal with video games publisher Deep Silver for gaming franchise, Risen.

The company will publish Risen 2: Dark Waters, the official adaptation of the computer game under its Sunbird imprint. Aimed at 16+, the book is due to be released in the UK in the spring to coincide with the launch of Risen 2.

Panini will publish the title in Germany in the summer.

The launch of the book marks the first time that the Risen property will be available across other platforms than gaming.

"This is a very exciting property for us here at Penguin Children's Books, positioning us firmly in the video game entertainment world," said Eric Huang, publishing director for media and entertainment at the firm. "The combination of a games franchise that includes a mythical world, titans and pirates is a world that we know from experience people of all ages love to engage with.

"To publish a title to sit alongside the games franchise is an exciting proposition and one that we are keen to explore and exploit."

Peter Brolly, brand manager for Risen 2: Dark Waters at Deep Silver, added: "The universe of the Risen role playing game is known for its rich level of detail and the depth of the story. We are pleased that this adaption of the game's story can transfer all the excitement of playing the game."


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