Penguin teams with Penwizard

Second venture with print on demand publisher revealed, this time for The Clone Wars.
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The Penguin Group is embarking on its second venture with print on demand publisher Penwizard.

Following the success of Peppa Pig: Go to Playgroup last year, the two firms will add to the personalised portfolio with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Penguin has published Clone Wars in traditional book formats since its launch in 2008, but this new agreement will allow it to offer Star Wars fans a completely unique book.

Visitors to can enter the universe by selecting and customising a Jedi Knight or Sith avatar. The book can be personalised by choosing facial features, along with hair style and colour to create a likeness. A name is included, along with an optional personal message on the inside front page.

"We're really excited to be working on this project with Penguin and Penwizard," said Carol Roeder, director of publishing at Lucasfilm. "This is a unique product and one that will give fans the opportunity to truly feel part of the Star Wars universe."


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