PercyVites taps Little Charmers for personalised invitations

By combing clips from the popular children's TV show, PercyVites has created a series of digital invitations and thank yous.
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PercyVites has bolstered its selection of children’s licences with children’s TV show Little Charmers.

Other licences the company currently holds includes Monster Jam, Franklin and Arthur and Caillou, as well as others.

Working with Nelvana, PercyVites will work to create personalised digital invitations, where children can feature alongside characters from the show.

Julie Steiner, founder and CEO of PercyVites, said: "Little Charmers is such a popular show with children today and we're very excited to add them to our roster here at PercyVites.

"We're thrilled to be adding Hazel and her friends to PercyVites so fans can add a unique touch to their parties."

By combing various clips from the TV series, the company has merged the clips with party details and photos to create the digital invitations, as well as thank yous.

PercyVites are sent out via email, and users can track RSVPs using the Percy Party Dashboard.


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