PRE-SCHOOL MONTH: Mattel unveils Fisher-Price play area at Gatwick

Branded area and retail outlet due to stay open until October 28th.
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Pre-school brand Fisher-Price will open a dedicated play area and retail outlet at Gatwick's south terminal on July 28th.

The move comes after consumer feedback that a children's entertainment area would be very welcome for parent's travelling with toddlers.

The new retail space will stock the Fisher-Price baby, infant and pre-school collection. In addition, the play area will be designed for newborns up to children aged five. All staff will be fully trained and CRB checked, supplied by Blackjack Promotions.

"Travelling can be a tiring experience, but travelling with children can be a very stressful time, especially when faced with delays and plenty of waiting around," explained Nivi Bhide, Fisher-Price brand manager. "The Fisher-Price play area will give parents a chance to relax while their tots try out some toys, and the retail space will provide a range of toys at varying price points for travellers."

Both the play area and the store will remain open until October 28th.


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