PUBLISHING MONTH: Rainbow readies Maya Fox blitz

Novels, web community and magazine launch plan earmarked for new format.
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Rainbow Spa is lining up a major push in the publishing sector for its new property, Maya Fox.

Having started life as a full length novel, Maya Fox is already available in Italy and is due to hit Europe shortly. Rainbow Spa is developing it across the novel and comic magazine sectors, as well on the web.

There are four novels in the saga. The first was launched last year in Latin America (including Brazil), Spain and Portugal by Grupo Planeta, in France by Univers Poche and in Germany by Carlsen. The other three novels will be published in Italy this year.

In addition, a monthly fashion magazine already sells between 70,000 and 80,000 copies in Italy, with Rainbow Spa planning to present it soon to international publishers. Teen TV star Melita represents Maya Fox in promotions across Italy. TV, press and web advertising has been pushing the brand in the territory, as well and buzz and guerrilla marketing, plus various events and direct emailing.


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