Rio 2016 mascots to star in new Cartoon Network series

Vinicius and Tom will feature in their own animated series called Vinicius and Tom: Natural Entertainers
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Mascots for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Vinicius and Tom, will feature in their own animated series on Cartoon Network.

The series, Vinicius and Tom: Natural Entertainers, will contain 32 episodes of two minutes each and will air exactly one year before the Rio 2916 Olympic Games on August 5th 2015.

The series will follow the mascots and their lives in the Brazilian forest and cities.

“Cartoons are part of children’s daily life and we believe that the series is going to attract not only children, but also adults, and will be one of the key pieces so that the mascots, ambassadors of the Rio 2016 Games, remain forever in our memories," commented Sylmara Multini, director of licensing and retail at the Rio 2016 committee.

A Vinicius and Tom product line is now available from the Rio 2016 online store and after the first airing of the show, a range of products will be on sale to the public.


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