Shaun the Sheep promotes Iceni Water

Special edition bottles featuring Aardman character available from this month.
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Aardman has signed a deal with England's newest natural mineral water firm, Iceni Waters.

The firms have created special Shaun the Sheep 330ml sports cap bottles. They will feature labels with Shaun wearing a diving mask and snorkel outfit and matching branded shrink wrap packs for six bottles.

Sean Clarke, Aardman's head of marketing and licensing, said: "We are delighted to partner with Iceni Waters. We have created a number of funny and quirky water-based images of Shaun the Sheep. This, combined with his broad appeal, will I'm sure be the formula for hugely successful bottled water."

Brett Fleming-Jones, MD of Iceni Waters, added: "Research shows that 86 per cent of children in the UK have a higher daily sugar intake than recommended. We decided to create a fun 330ml bottle that would encourage children to drink water in preference to other soft drinks and decided to work with a high profile television character.

"We wanted a personality that was truly English and wholesome to resonate with Iceni: a natural mineral water of provenance - and Shaun fits the bill perfectly.

"Moreover, Shaun the Sheep has extremely wide appeal. It's not just the kids who watch his TV show, Shaun appeals across all age spectrums and this is reflected in the scope of licensing agreements signed by Aardman."


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