SHOW PREVIEW: BLE 08, Heritage, Charity, Public Sector

Find out what some of the key museums and heritage brands will be exhibiting at the show...
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Christie's Images
Stand 680

The world's leading auction house is now offering its unique collection of images to be licensed across all sorts of products from textiles to ceramics. The art covers all countries and cultures and ranges from ancient mosaics to 20th century masterpieces.

Natural History Museum
Stand 352

One of London's main visitor attractions, currently enjoyed by over three million visitors each year, NHM also gets around ten million visitors online.
The NHM licensing programme has got off to a good start, winning the Gift of the Year Award with the Wow Stuff Remote Controlled Tarantula. Wow Stuff has now expanded its range to include over 20 products. New areas have also been opened up for the Museum, following the signing of tour company Cox & Kings for a range of natural history holidays.
A the show, NHM will be showcasing its new licence of lunchboxes and picnic ware with Vogue International, plus new packaging from Wild Republic.

NMSI Trading
Stand 603

New product highlights from the Science Museum will include a strong r/c line-up from Wow Stuff including the amphibious Morphibian, an updated version of the best selling Virtually Indestructible Plane and the Nano-copter Pro, a fully functioning top-end helicopter.
Zeon tech will be launching the Rocket Alarm Clock, while Halsall has a new collection of themed test tube shaped kits and Great Gizmos will present build-it-yourself robotic kits. Also new for 2008/09 will be a range of human anatomy and space puzzle kits from Bitz.
Meanwhile, NMSI also represents the National Railway Museum, Flying Scotsman and The National Media Museum.

Royal Horticultural Society Enterprises
Stand 363

The commercial arm of the registered charity, the firm's licensees are well represented in the stationery, homewares and decorative furnishings sectors. For the first time in its history, the firm will be licensing its premier sub-brand, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, while it will also be launching the RHS Colour Chart, the standard by which all flower colours are judged. The chart represents 884 true colours taken from nature.

V&A Licensing
Stand 110

V&A will be presenting new licensed collections at the show, ranging from jewellery to bed linen, toiletries to frying pans. The new Inspired Collection will be on the stand, which features toiletries from Berkeley Square Cosmetics, frying pans from TVS/Imperial and bed linen from Bedeck, as well as new ceramics and stationery.


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