Sooty magics up Fun Stickers deal

Redan Alchemy has partnered with Fun Stickers to launch new collection based on the iconic kids' TV show.
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Redan Alchemy has partnered with Fun Stickers to launch a new line of stickers based on the iconic Sooty Show.

With a sell-out tour under its belt and a raft of new licensees emerging this year, the longest running kids’ TV show is now entering the sticker sector.

Fun Stickers now joins a burgeoning roster of Sooty licensees with a collection of sticker sets, from pocket money sheets to wall stickers, deluxe lines and 3D packs.

“Sooty, Sweep, Soo and I are delighted that Fun Stickers have joined Sooty’s gang,” said Sooty brand owner and presenter, Richard Cadell.

“Their designs have captured the brand’s madcap humour and sense of fun perfectly and the wide range of products is hugely impressive. We have already ordered a set of wall stickers to decorate the caravan and Sweep has covered his bone in stickers so everyone knows it’s his.”

Director of Fun Stickers, Andrew Chase, added: “I remember watching The Sooty Show as a child and it’s great to see that the current series has introduced a new generation of fans to Sooty’s unique brand of humour.

“Our sticker range has been designed to appeal to fans both old and new and we are looking forward to taking it out to retail.”

The Sooty Show is aired daily on CITV and on weekends on ITV.


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