Spongebob Squarepants heads to Bollywood

Live action two-minute film created to tie in with Year of the Sponge celebrations.
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The tenth anniversary celebrations for Spongebob Squarepants have been brought to a close with a special live action two-minute Bollywood-style film, Bollywood Bob.

The film - which has also been developed in a shorter 30-second ad format - will run across the Nickelodeon UK network from November 14th, as part of its SpongeBash (with back to back episodes of the show all weekend).

It will run across the global Nickelodeon network following UK release.

The 30-second version will run in Vue and Cineworld cinemas nationwide from November 13th to January 1st 2010. It will feature around seasonal releases such as A Christmas Carol, Planet 51, Where The Wild Things Are, Alvin and the Chipmunks II and St Trinians 2.

Nickelodeon UK's VP creative director, Peter Drake, said: "Bollywood Bob is the genuine global culmination of Year of the Sponge. It is the most spectacular expression of regional cultures' celebration and love of Spongebob, and furthers his credibility as a lifestyle icon.

"This unique work pushes the boundaries and challenges the norm, extending Spongebob's appeal way beyond the core Nickelodeon audience. He is one of the few animation characters that can do this so effectively."


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