SPORTS MONTH: Corinthian's MicroStars ready for kick off

As the Premier League begins again, firm readying for roll out of 17th series of figures.
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Corinthian is continuing to build up its popular MicroStars series of collectable football star figures, with the 17th range due to arrive in October.

The Prem 08/09 series will feature 39 new players from the Premier League in packs sold with confectionery.

The line-up is dominated by leading players from the big four clubs - Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United - with retail prices for a single player pack being £1.25 and a triple pack with a guaranteed gold base is £2.99 from the likes of Tesco, Asda and Martin McColls.

"With nearly 70 per cent of Match of the Day and Match magazine readers saying they support Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United, we have made the logical step to focus on the big four," said Barry Hughes, marketing director at Corinthian.

"The new MicroStars series includes more players from these clubs than ever before, and we are currently looking to expand MicroStars into the toy market with the introduction of special club packs.

"It's important for us to strive for more shelf space, and in the current climate our low price points are going to play a major part in the brand's success this season."

Corinthian will be pushing MicroStars through its new partnership with Match of the Day magazine, with the first advert in a season-long campaign appearing in this week's bumper issue to celebrate the start of the new season.

The MicroStars website has also undergone a recent refresh to make it more user friendly and entertaining.


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