Sticker industry set for shake up?

StickerYou launches first online custom sticker maker; number of brands already signed up.
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StickerYou has unveiled its online service for designing and creating stickers, and the firm believes it could cause a shake up within the sticker industry.

The technology used for StickerYou's die-cut Sticker Maker means stickers are cut along the outline of the image, and are not limited to a standard square, circle or a particular size.

The firm has already signed up a number of brands including Peanuts, Mr Men and Little Miss and Star Trek, with Lego and Showtime's Dexter due to follow.

"StickerYou saw a huge opportunity to revolutionise people's ability to create personalised stickers," said Andrew Witkin, president and chief executive of the company. "We give consumers the right to pick the size, shape and images that they want. The end result is the perfect sticker."

The company is also giving brand and affiliate partners the chance to embed the StickerYou Sticker Maker onto their websites.


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