Super Wings makes its way to Spain in Nottingham Forest deal

As part of the licensing deal, Nottingham Forest will develop products for the series.
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Nottingham Forest has been appointed to represent Super Wings in Spain and Portugal.

CJ E&M Corporation has signed the agreement, which will see the Spanish agent manage the commercial rights for the show.

Super Wings will make its premier next year on CLAN, the leader channel for kids.

Nottingham Forest will work on the development of the licensing, merchandising and program in the main categories, to develop products for the series.

Laura García Ortega, head of international sales and licensing at Nottingham Forest, said: “From the beginning, we fell in love with the emotional spirit of Super Wings – some gorgeous little planes that bring dreams to children around the world.

"We would like to transfer this idea in every product of the brand in Iberia – We deliver dream.”


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