Taffy Entertainment announces new deals in Latin America

Key sales made to a variety of free TV broadcasters in Latin America.
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The MoonScoop Group’s Taffy Entertainment, the worldwide distribution, brand management and entertainment company, is bolstering the Latin American presence of its hit animated shows Code Lyoko, The Fantastic Four, Dive Olly Dive! and Creepie.

The company revealed key sales with a variety of free TV broadcasters in the region.

The deals were completed with the assistance of Canadian-based HOLA Entertainment, which signed on as Taffy’s distribution agents for free TV broadcasters and video distribution in Latin America one year ago.

The Fantastic Four, the animated series based on the iconic superheroes from Marvel, has now been picked up by Canal 7 Teletica in Costa Rica, TV6 in Trinidad and Ecuador’s Ecuavisa. The show also continues to air on Cartoon Network Latin America and free TV broadcasters TV Globo in Brazil and TVN in Chile, among others.

Code Lyoko, the 2D/3D CGI action-adventure fantasy series has been picked up by TV6 in Trinidad and Ecuavisa in Ecuador. It can also be found on Jetix Latin America and TVN in Chile, in addition to over 100 other countries.

Additional deals completed include Ecuador’s Tevecuador picking up childrens’ documentary series Insectoscope, Ecuavisa’s acquisition of Dive Olly Dive!, and CBC Barbados picking up Dive Olly Dive! and Creepie.

“The Latin America market has been an area of tremendous growth for us,” said Marie Conge, Senior Vice President, International Sales at Taffy Entertainment.

“Our partnership with Hola Entertainment has already paid huge dividends and we’re thrilled that broadcasters are responding to the high-quality entertainment value in our programming. We are also confident these shows will prove to be outstanding additions to the lineups for each broadcaster.”


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