Target Entertainment wins rights to Punky

New 2D pre-school animation to launch at Mipcom Junior next month.
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Target Entertainment has picked up the global distribution rights to new pre-school animation, Punky.

Created by Monster Animation, Punky is the first ever animated cartoon to feature a lead character with Down Syndrome. It is written by Andrew Brenner, creator and writer of Humf.

"We wanted this series to sit in the middle of any pre-school block anywhere in the world and let viewers discover that Punky is a great child but also happens to have a disability, they see the character not the disability," explained Gerard O'Rourke, producer of Punky.

"Punky is not a Down Syndrome person, but a person with Down Syndrome. If we can pass this message to our next generation through Punky then we have created a very worthwhile TV series."

Target Entertainment will be launching the property at Mipcom Junior in October.


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