Teamworks picks up rights for The QPiz

Firm signs exclusive agreement with Neo Network for licensing activities in Italy of the new TV series.
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TeamWorks has already started licensing activities in Italy and negotiations are underway with several leading companies in sectors such as publishing, fashion and accessories, back-to-school and gifts.

De Agostini has already launched Tests of Qpiz, the first title of a series of books which will be developed around the brand.

The QPiz will debut in the autumn, on the digital terrestrial channel Rai Gulp. The series (52 episodes of 2,30’’ each) is targeted at girls aged ten and over and it has been developed by Neo Network in co-production with Rai and the Indian company DQ Entertainment.

The series follows the adventures of Hearty, Liebe and Lovelyn, three teenagers with a mission to solve the desperate matters of love. They come from Sweetus, a far heart-shaped planet.

Before its TV debut, The QPiz has also been introduced online at Kids can create their own avatar and customise it with love credits and compete in games to become the most popular girl in the community.

The Qpiz is also on Facebook where each character has its own personal page, with lots of posts and love boards. On the fanpage of The Qpiz, users can download the virtual application Arrow of Love, which allows them to send messages to friends.

Pietro Bezza, CEO of Neo Network said: "The agreement with TeamWorks gives us a broad licensing programme of success. The Qpiz is a great brand and fun to play, to read, to wear and share online with friends."

"We strongly believe in the “The Qpiz”, considering its universal theme: love," explained Gustavo Pacifico, business development manager at Rai Sat. "The irony, brightness and happiness of this brand strikes straight to the heart."

Maria Romanelli, vice president of TeamWorksadded "With this acquisition, TeamWorks confirms its focus on new global entertainment products with potentials on the international scene as well.

"We are confident that, starting from the web and then getting on TV, the Italian girls will love The Qpiz and their world."


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