Teletubbies movie on the way

Teletubbies creator Anne Wood has revealed that a 3D movie of the pre-school evergreen is on the way.
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Speaking at the BTHA's Industry Day yesterday, the Ragdoll Productions founder (pictured) said she would be teaming up with series writer Andrew Davenport to create a feature-length film of the pre-school characters in "in all their 3D technological glory".

Delivering the opening speech on The Creation of a Children's Character, Wood also revealed two other new series that are currently in production and will screen in the next two years.

Dip Dap is a series of short, three-minute, animations, with no speech, that sees a character deal with a series of objects and situations drawn alongside him on screen. It will be on Cbeebies next year.

The year after will see the release of The Adventures of Abney and Teal, in conjunction with illustrator Joel Stewart, about six characters on an island in a lake, in the middle of city.

Wood also revealed that she was working on a live action series for 2012/2013 which will have a scary theme for children.


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