TF1 wins Babar Euro deal

Nelvana has appointed TF1 to handle Babar in a number of European territories.
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TF1 will handle the brand in France and other European territories such as Belgium and The Netherlands, effective immediately.

It will play a major role in creating synergies between the merchandising program and the broadcasting of the new 3-D series Babar – And the Adventures of Badou set to launch on TF1 in France in Fall 2010/Spring 2011.

The series is now in production from Nelvana Studio and TeamTO in association with The Clifford Ross Company and 26 episodes (52 x 11 minute stories) are in the pipeline.

Playhouse Disney France is pre-buying the series to air in a second broadcast window. It will debut in North America on YTV in Canada. TF1 Licences will be the licensing agent for the property in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Monaco, Andorra, Dom-Tom and French-speaking Switzerland.

"We are thrilled and very proud to be appointed Babar's agent by Nelvana and The Clifford Ross Company,” said Hubert Taieb, Head of TF1 Licences and Deputy General Manager of TF1 Enterprises. “This trans-generational and widely known icon will entice new fans, both children and parents alike, with the 3-D series broadcast on TF1. In collaboration with the rights holders, current licensees and future partners who will all share in these new adventures, we aim to position Babar as THE evergreen property."

“Nelvana is excited to bring Babar into the 21st century with a new 3-D TV series as well as a comprehensive licensing program from TF1. Babar is a cherished property in France and many other European countries and we are confident that our partnership with TF1 will bring him even more fame,” added Colin Bohm, Vice President and Managing Director, Nelvana Enterprises.

"I have loved and admired Babar and his world since my own childhood," said Clifford Ross, President of The Clifford Ross Company. "It is a continuing pleasure to bring this character, with its special combination of joy, playfulness and (ironically for an elephant!) humanistic values to a wider audience. To have done this with the blessing and enthusiasm of the de Brunhoff family is a source of great pride."


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