THE BIG INTERVIEW: David Luner, SVP Int. & Consumer Products, FME US

We talk American idol, Britain's Got Talent, digital moves and growing its third party brands.
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“2009 was a year of hoping for the best and planning for the worst. One great phrase I heard was ‘flat is the new growth’,” FME’s US interactive and consumer products chief, David Luner tells us.

However, FremantleMedia Enterprises has performed slightly better than ‘flat’ over the past 12 months. Thanks to a portfolio mix of talent hits such as American Idol and The X Factor, game shows like The Price is Right and Family Feud, plus third party properties including Rebecca Bonbon, MasterChef and Bang on the Door to name just a few, FME was in the somewhat unique position of achieving growth in its key licensing activities in 2009.

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