The Great Football Giveaway goes global

Ahead of the World Cup, several territories have picked up the one-hour documentary.
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The one-hour documentary follows a journey that encounters poverty, landmines, the effects of war and genocide, but also celebrates the upbeat spirit of African children and their love for the game. 

BBC America, in 67 million U.S. homes, plans to run the documentary during the World Cup. Globosat in Brazil, Turner Latin America, VRT in Belgium, DBS Satellite Services in Israel, YLE in Finland and NHK Enterprises in Japan have also acquired The Great Football Giveaway.

In addition, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Air New Zealand have picked up the one hour film. The film was included as part of a range of World Cup themed programming onboard Virgin Atlantic, who recently flew the England squad to South Africa. 

Since Virgin Atlantic Airways and Air New Zealand have been offering the film in their in-flight entertainment package the Great Football Giveaway charity has been inundated with donations and prospective volunteers. Similarly, after the film aired on Globosat in Brazil in May, there was a surge of donation activity and correspondence on the Great Football Giveaway website.

Paul Clarke, founder of the charity The Great Football Giveaway said: "Since the film aired the response has been extraordinary with volunteers from all over the world wanting to do their bit to get involved.

“This is more than just support for a charity; this is becoming a global movement. Thanks to the response to the film, long after the World Cup has been and gone, we will be able to continue putting smiles on kids faces in some of the poorest parts of the world."

Jane Millichip, COO of RDFR added: ‘We are delighted not only by the positive response from broadcasters, but also the fantastic levels of audience response for this documentary. It is definitely engaging viewers worldwide.”


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