The Star Wars licensed product that never was

Would an R2D2 Thermos have been a success? What about a Lightsaber flashlight?
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Action Figure Insider has revealed some excellent and interesting rejected concepts for Star Wars consumer products.

The designs come from a pitch to Star Wars partner Pepsi prior to the release of The Phantom Menace.

Part of the team behind the sketches, Jason Geyer, from Action Figure Insider, explains: "I was working for a promotional merchandise company when we got the chance to pitch ideas for a few items that would be made to tie-in to Pepsi’s big Episode One promotions.

"Until we actually won the job, we could only use things from the original trilogy to concept with. If they liked the idea, we could later try and make it fit with the new movie once they let us see a storyline and artwork."

See some of's favourites below, and click this link to see more.


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